Isn't it amazing that you can sit on board your yacht and create a website to share your news!

Hopefully we can update this on a reasonably regular basis and keep you all in touch with our location, progress, travels and adventures (small ones).


EXPEDITUS sailing down from England to the Canary Islands, 1984.

 EXPEDITUS in 2010, sailing from Adelaide to Wirrina South Australia in company with John from Clear Light, and Roland on Shameless. Thanks for the photo Cher! 


EXPEDITUS is a Latin word meaning lightly clad, unencumbered, or free from encumbrance, and this describes the lifestyle that she provides for us.

She is a 36.5ft (11.1m) fero-cement cutter rigged yacht built by Mike & Gay, starting in 1973 and launching 19th December 1977. We had $4.73 to our name on the day we launched!

The yacht is a Canadian design by Sampson Marine, and has served us well over the last 33 years. We undertook a world circumnavigation between 10th Feb 1979 and 29th April 1987.

That cruise began in Adelaide South Australia and took us to: Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Loyalties, New Caledonia, Brisbane, New Zealand, Cape Horn (Chile), Falkland Islands, non stop to UK, then a hiatus while we worked in the Middle East to stock up our funds.

We left UK in 1984 and traveled to Netherlands, Canary Islands, Martinique, Dominica, the Saints,Guadeloupe, Antigua, Nevis, St Kitts, Statia, St Barts, Monserat, St Martin, Sint Marten, Anguila, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, then to Moorhead City North Carolina USA.

During the year that we spent in USA we traveled for 9 months in a VW camper van, visiting a lot of friends from our time in Saudi, and getting around a lot of the country as well as some time in Canada & Mexico. Our sailing trip continued on to the Azores, Madiera, Canary Islands again, Gambia, Fernando de Noronha, Salvador (Brazil), Cape Town South Africa, and finally home to Adelaide having entered Australia at Port Lincoln. We were now back home with a good suntan, a slightly tired boat, and some wonderful memories.

It is now 23rd of March 2010.  We are sitting at the Marina in Port Lincoln at the start of our "retirement cruise" amazed at the technological advances since we first left - mobile phones, GPS, satellite phones, email, websites etc!  We have spent about a month getting here from Adelaide, and have caught up with old friends, caught some lovely King George whiting, and have been swimming with sea lions on Blyth Island in the Joseph Banks Group.

Hopefully we will be having some more enjoyable times and look forward to sharing them with you.

Xmas 2013 and we are still cruising, currently in the Philippines.


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