Adelaide to Tasmania 2010

We depart Adelaide & sail past our abode for the last year at Taperoo. Thanks for the photo Liz, and to the marina committee who came to make sure we cast off our lines at last! 

Gary & Moya escort us from Wirrina to Kangaroo Island. 

We arrive in Port Lincoln for some high life after spending some time in the Joseph Banks Group, catching whiting & swimming with seals.

150 miles north west of Port Lincoln is Pearson Island - very unusual granite formations, seals, penguins, wallabies on shore. 

Strahan at the northern end of Macquarrie harbour. 

Sarah Island almost tropical - entrance to Gordon River is behind Expeditus.


 We approach warp speed - you can see it in the water!

 Butlers Island - the water is 80 feet deep.

 Definitely off the chart.

 Sir John Falls on the Gordon.

 We pull into the riverbank to refuel the dinghy on the trip further up the Gordon to the Franklin River.  Our dinghy does about 4 knots & the river rapids are 3.8 knots in places.

 Frenchman's Cap from the waters of Macquarie Harbour.

 Entrance to outer harbour of Port Davey

Moist ground is good for mossy plants and fungus.

 More wildlife - a sea eagle at Mellaleuca Inlet, Port Davey.

 South West Cape at the bottom of Tasmania.

 We spent winter alongside at Constitution Dock in Hobart.

 Tseviet & Shouline lent us a car for a while in Hobart, and introduced us to their friends. Thanks Guys!

 Botanical Gardens in Hobart - Charles Darwin visited here on the Beagle voyage 8 years after they were opened. 

 We helped out on the Windeward Bound for a few trips - saw a mother & calf whale in the Derwent River on one trip.

 We had a holiday in Vietnam in November - Halong Bay

 We have Christmas dinner with Dennis & Christine, our neighbours in Con Dock, and German backpacker Laura who was looking a bit cold and hungry.

23 years since we returned to Adelaide & we are on the road again. 

 And we relax with a bonfire / beach barbeque at Americain Beach, Kangaroo Island.

Thanks for the loan of your car, Sylvia & Phil, boat building friends from long ago. 

8 days from Pearson, we approach Hells Gate on the western side of Tasmania. 

A calm crossing to Sarah Island at the southern end of the Harbour. 

 Reflections in the tannin coloured waters of the Gordon River

About to run off the chart. 

 Misty sky and rainforest trees.

 Mike Gay & Expeditus

 A rough crossing from Expeditus to beach.

 Really up the creek now.

 Nasty rocks & islands on the way down to Port Davey.

 Clayton's corner inner harbour Port Davey.  Expeditus tucked in at left.

 A small critter nibbles apple on a carpet of moss.

 Pirate ship Windeward Bound, at Bathurst Harbour, Port Davey.

 Around the corner and we see a golden sunset at Kettering on Tassie's East coast.

 View from our starboard side at "Con Dock"

 At the top of Mount Wellington we see snow.

 John - Sailor, photographer extraordinaire - introduced us to Photoshop & Picassa.

 View from the port side at Con Dock.

Through a hole in the wall to a lagoon within an island, Halong Bay. 

French friends Jean Yves & Laurence, with les enfants. They had sailed to Antarctic Peninsular before Cape Town, Reunion, & Hobart.

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