December 8, 2017
Well we have been in this area for about a year now! How time flies.
To all those spending more than a few seconds perusing this blog and site, we wish you Merry Xmas and a happy new year.

Many of our friends are on Facebook, and that along with Messenger has become our default method for communications, particularly mass mailouts of what we are up to. Accordingly our website has taken second place.

We are about to depart in a few days time, sailing with a friend to help deliver his boat from Langkawi to Perth in Australia. It is a 50 ft ex racing boat called Pacemaker so we are expecting some nice fast sailing. Hoping to stop at Cocos Keeling Islands, and then a wide loop out into the Indian Ocean to get the best winds to Perth.

The past year has been a blur,in more ways than one.  Christmas at Rebak Island with a meal at the resort, New Year's Eve as well. Followed shortly afterwards by a ferry trip to Penang Island about 80 miles away to see the remnants of Chinese New Year and catch up with some friends there.  By coincidence we stumbled on the ISEC eye clinic and enquired about having our cataracts removed and artificial lenses installed.  So bus back to Perlis, another ferry to Langkawi and back to the boat.  A visa run by ferry to the Butang Islands of Thailand, Koh Lipe for some chill out time, and shortly after sail down to Straits Quay Marina in Penang.  We each had both eyes done, with a month's wait for me to get a lens specially corrected for astigmatism. A straight foreward operation and we are happy with the results.  With immigration considerations we decided to have a visa run to Hat Yai in southern Thailand enjoying in particular the 3d Art Museum. Later on another visa run to Cambodia, spending about a week in Phnom Penh, and the same in Siem Reap. Lots of temples and ruins to visit in Cambodia as well as war museums, the Killing Fields and so forth. Very sobering. Much work climbing up and down the massive stone ruins of Angkor Wat, Bayon and a dozen more ruins..but worth the effort to see the incredible scale of the works, and the extensive carvings, many in great condition considering their age.

We lingered in Penang for a while enjoying the cultural events, and good shopping for boat things, before returning to Langkawi. More boat work for a while and then we were off again for a return visit back to the Philippines to catch up with friends in Leytte and Davao, but particularly Kjartan from OceanView Marina on Samal Island. Kjartan was on of 4 people captured from the marina by Abu Sayaff terrorists a couple of years ago, and he was held captive for a year. It was nice to reconnect with him almost a year after he was freed. Unfortunately two of our other friends were killed by Abu Sayaff, and later on in another incident 2 more friends killed. To add to this misfortune our friend on Leytte died of cancer just a few days before we arrived, so we spent a little while with the extended family before bussing down Leytte, ferry to Surigao, and overnight bus to Davao and Samal. More Karaoke, Lechon Baboy and bonding again with Kjartan, our sailing friends and our local family and friends. Thanks again to Lee Warner for having a cabin on his catamaran Chakira available for us and making us welcome. Nice to catch up again with a wonderful, gentle fellow by the name of Filip who we had met the previous year.. a few months later he was arrested as Australia's most wanted having skipped bail on a huge cocaine importation into Australia!!!  All to soon back to Rebak Marina, and prepare Expeditus to sail to Phuket in Thailand.
We anchored out from Telaga Harbour and got a clearance from there from Langkawi, and island hopped, which is tolerated by Thailand so long as you don't spend too long at it, towards Phuket. Unfortunately on day 4 our gearbox failed, and we had no choice but to sail back overnight to Telaga Harbour Marina. Thanks to Patrick and Rebecca for pushing us into the marina in their rubber ducky and the unknown couple who also lent a hand.
We removed and fixed the gearbox on board - same problem as we had about 3 years previously in the Philippines, a worn out forward thrust washer. Having fixed this we decided that we should really do a few more jobs as we were not feeling 100% seaworthy. So here we stopped, and resealled our $600 Rutgerson opening ports...patently insufficient adhesive thickness between the polycarbonate and the frame so they had debonded and were leaking. Other jobs were remove forward vents and fill the holes through the cabintop so that our new dinghy could sit flat on the deck, Cut wedges out of our forehatch and reglass together to make it 60mm narrower so that it can lift up between the dinghy tubes for some ventilation; repaint non skid and gloss white on the deccks, cabin, and cockpit, instal a new fridge; bigger solar panel; bigger batteries; repackstern gland, Service toilet valve, window catches; brackets to tie down dinghy.....innumerable other jobs.

And that our dear friends is how we spent this last year.. now to be finished off with an ocean sail, albeit on another boat!



November 24, 2016
Well it is the same again, no updates to our blog and photos for a long time!
This is just a brief update so any friends checking on our health know that we are still alive and well.
I am hoping to do a more substantial update with photos before Christmas.
Very briefly we have continued our travels from Kudat, down the west coast of Borneo to Kota Kinabalu, Tiga Island, Labuan, Brunei, Kuching, and then to Sebana Cove on the Santi River, bottom of Peninsular Malaysia.
From here we left the boat f...
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January 2016, Kudat Borneo

January 5, 2016
Wow, so much time has gone since our last blog, although we did add photos of our 2015 motorbike trip. Facebook has certainly become our diary of choice, but hope those few of our friends who are not FB users do get to see this website and don't worry when it hasn't been updated regularly.
From our last blog in Bonbonon harbour we continued sailing over the top of Mindanao, Apo, Siquijor, Camiguin islands through to Surigao straits, Siargao Island and Bucas Grande. Another incident here when ...
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Bonbonon Bay, Negros Island Philippines August 2014

August 3, 2014
Wow time flying very fast as usual, and we are behind in updating this website. We communicate more readily on Facebook and the website seems to get forgotten - my apologies!
Very briefly we left Samal at the start of April 2014, and sailed via Talicud Island, Zamboanga, and then Sandakan in Sabah (Borneo / Malaysia) About 3 days to get to Zamboanga where we stopped for 2 nights to repar a sail, then 2 days more to get to Sandakan. At Sandakan we visited the Sepilok Orangutan Reserve, and Aust...
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March 12, 2014
A brief update as internet has been particularly bad lately.
All is well with us and we are nearly ready to leave for Borneo / Sabah, then work our way back through Palawan & the Visayas, so that we are back here towards the end of the year, and can leave the boat to fly back to Adelaide for my sister's 50th birthday.
Only excitement since the last post was a jetty collapse on New Year's Eve - about 10 of us fell about 10 feet into the water which was only a foot or so deep. a few cuts & scrape...
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December 16, 2013
Another update, this is becoming a habit!
We are here in Miri, a short 10 day day holiday as our Philippine visa was getting towards it's limit - when we return we should get another 16 months in 2 month increments. Our trip here was an Air Asia promo, only $22 each way from Manila, plus oncosts, departure taxes, airport charges etc and the flights Davao to Manila return. Never the less good value.
we have had a few long walks here so hopefully lose a few grams of weight. The day before yesterd...
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December 12, 2013
It has been a long time since we updated our website!!!!! So long that we've forgotten how to do it somewhat and we don't seem able to upload photos. Never mind, we will keep working on that as a separate excercise.
We purchased a 150cc Suzuki Mola motorbike early this year and spent almost 3 months and 6000 kms, touring the Philippines from April to June. Our travels took us through Mindanao to Camiguin, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Gyimaras, Panay, Boracay, Mindoro and finally Luzon. We had a wonder...
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March 23, 2013
Uh Oh - it's been 10 months since updating blogsite!! The good news is that we are still alive, with facebook being our more regular forum for updating for posting lifestyle updates. I'll just make this a short post as the dodgy internet connection often lets us down & we lose long postings.
All is well, we are still at Samal Island, near Davao, Mindanao, Southern Philippines. Since our previous post, we flew back to Australia for a couple of months in June & July last year. Returned here in A...
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May 23, 2012
May 22nd, 2012
We are now in Davao (actually Oceanview Marina, at the very northern tip of Samal Island, near Davao) Mindanao island, Philippines. Internet access is a bit better here, but still have trouble uploading photos to website.
From Lamotrek we had a 5 day trip to Yap in gentle tradewinds. The quarantine officer at entry was Robert, the cousin of Ester from Lamotrek, so there was no problem bringing in turtle meat, turtle eggs, and the other goods we delivered from Lamotrek. We also ca...
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April 22, 2012
Lamotrek must rate as the highlight of our sailing career. A beautiful lagoon with clear calm water, and a small island at the eastern end with about 380 people living there.  No airport, shipping only every 3 months or so when all is well, but it could be only once a year, and only a handful of yachts visiting.
We had permission from (expatriate) chief Patrick to visit, and reported in to his cousin Chief Manuel on the island, with a gift of 40 lbs of rice, and a few other goodies.  During ou...
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