Sitting at the marina in Port Lincoln & just trying to set up a website using a free web designer called  Hope it works, but so far it seem reasonably user friendly.

Briefly we left Adelaide on 19th February and have sailed (motored a lot) to Wirrina, Bay of Shoals on Kangaroo Island (in company with friends Gary & Moia on Madiba), Americain Beach, back to Bay of Shoals & saw quite a bit of old friends John & Daphne Riley. Moved on to Emu Bay then Snug Cove towards the Western end of the island. Stayed for 3 days while it was quite windy, then came northwest to Thistle island for a couple of days.

From there we came to Spalding Cove, close to Port Lincoln for a few days, then out to the Joseph Banks group of islands about 20 miles offshore. Managed to catch half a dozen whiting which are absolutely lovely fish to eat, and swim with sealions on Bligh island. Had a few walks on and around the islands and now in Port Lincoln.

Here we caught up with Phill & Silvia Dansie who are old ferro boat builders living here. They have lent us a car which is wonderful, and we have been doing a few odd jobs on the boat and now had a look at this website, which may be better than Facebook for staying in touch with peolple.  Will call it a day now having set up a home page, photo gallery and blog page.  Will "publish" this to website & see how it all works out . Wish me luck!!!