We are still in Akaroa. Wanting some consistent southerlies, but now they are here it is hard to get out of the harbour which faces south!  Never mind we have added some photos covering Adelaide to Tasmania, so we are gradually getting more up to date with the website.
We have moved around the harbour here a bit depending on the winds, currently at French Farm on the western side of the bay. Have enjoyed a visit here from Trevor & Ros from Adelaide, and made some new friends at the yacht club.  Kirsten & Alan took us for a walk in the hills / mountains surrounding Akaroa, and we spent time in the local museum.
Another project here has been to replace the house batteries which were rapidly dying - main problem was a loose internal connection in a main selector switch. All connections on the charging circuit & switchboard have now been cleaned & tightened, so we deliver much more charge into the batteries now.
Appart from that issue everything else is fine, but we really must take the next opportunity to head north from here, it's starting to get cold.
Cheers for now,
Mike & Gay