Well it is a year since we started this website and we are just getting to know our way around it a bit better.  Have added a lot of photos from both Boat Building, and our Circumnavigation, so that may be of interest to those few people in the world who never got to see one of our slide shows.
Now we must get up to speed with more recent photos (and videos??) to add to the website, but it is going to happen.
We are currently in Akaroa, about 2/3 of the way up the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. We left Dunedin on Saturday afternon on the high tide, and got spat out to sea by the strong current in the harbour mouth, against a modest headwind.  Not being able to make our course, we wimped out and travelled about 10 miles to anchor under Cornish Head. Here we were protected from the North East wind, and got a good night's sleep.
Next morning we got underway for the 160 mile trip, and ended up motor sailing in calm winds followed by light winds forward of the beam - we put the motor in so we may as well use it!  Arrived Akaroa Monday morning about 11am. Cornish Head & the trip accross Canterbury Bight were of great interest because we saw quite a few Hector's Dolphins - a very small, cute, rare dolphin, which examined us closely. They have a very different dorsal fin from most other dolphins as well as other unique features.
Akaroa has some minor dammage from the big earthquake in Christchurch, but is relatively untouched.  We enjoyed a nice hamburger & seafood chowder at Bully Hayes restaurant, and will spend a few days here before moving on to the Marlborough Sounds.