It is Wednesday, and we are still in Apia, Samoa. Have had a good time here, meeting some locals, watching world cup rugby, touring some of the island, etc. On island tour we stopped at a lagoon & hand fed sea turtles that come & go from the ocean - they like white bread very much. Also swam in freshwater spring in a cave, saw waterfalls, & also tsunami damage from a few years ago. Gorgeous little children here, some good fire dancing, lots of rain, & very hot & sweaty. Glad we made a sun awning and a tent to go over forehatch - we can now leave the hatch open in the rain so we are not in a complete sauna.
Boat is in good shape. We need to make courtesy flags for Tuvalu & Kirribati, & apply for a permit to visit Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae, Pohnpae, Yap, Chuuk, etc.) & then we will be on our way.
All for now, & hope someone is still reading our infrequent additions to this site. Brother Peter is about halfway around Australia on Charlies Dream, having sailed from Brisbane over the top to Geraldon in Western Australia, so they are also clocking up some miles.
Love to all, Mike & Gay