Just lost my update due to a timeout by the service provider, so will keep this brief! All well in Kosrae, met up with IVALU last seen in Tuvalu, and also 2 other yachts here.
Friendly helpful people, green volcanic island, with mountains forming "the Sleeping Lady".  Have had gifts of bananas, meals, fish, sugar cane, etc. Lovely singing at the church which we hear from the boat. Have caught lots of rainwater & filled the tanks, and also fixed a few little jobs on the boat.
We both went to the dentist today, 2 xrays, & 1 prescription for the grand total of $6.00!!  Computer virus repairs by Telecom cost $0.00! So we will go to church on Sunday & make a worthwhile donation!
Dinner has just arrived so will sign off & try to publish. Love to all. xxxxxxxxx