Well it is the same again, no updates to our blog and photos for a long time!
This is just a brief update so any friends checking on our health know that we are still alive and well.
I am hoping to do a more substantial update with photos before Christmas.
Very briefly we have continued our travels from Kudat, down the west coast of Borneo to Kota Kinabalu, Tiga Island, Labuan, Brunei, Kuching, and then to Sebana Cove on the Santi River, bottom of Peninsular Malaysia.
From here we left the boat for a while and met up with friends who were passing through Singapore, then we continued to have a cheap holiday in Thailand and Laos. A lot of great experiences.
Back at Sebana Cove we teamed up with Bryan and Glee, then we sailed in company with them up the east coast of Malaysia to Tioman Island, Kapas, Redang, and Perhentian Islands. Some wonderful swimming, giant clams, turtles, and corals here. We spent some time at Terengganu, and returned the favour by cat sitting for Bryan and Glee. We allso had a quick flying visit back to the Philippines. We then slowly returned down the east coast, back to Sebana Cove, and continued on up the west coast of Malaysia, bound for Langkawi.
Currently we are in Admiralty Cove Marina, Port Dickson, and have booked in at Rebak Marina Langkawi on 10th December. All is well aboard Expeditus, with a few ongoing repairs taking place as always...blocked water supply, and broken plate on engine mount were the last 2 incidents.
So again folks apologies for the infrequent updates to this blog and website as Facebook seems to rule everything nowadays, and we look forward to sharing some nice photos with you soon.
Meantime Merry Christmas to everyone!!!