A brief update as internet has been particularly bad lately.
All is well with us and we are nearly ready to leave for Borneo / Sabah, then work our way back through Palawan & the Visayas, so that we are back here towards the end of the year, and can leave the boat to fly back to Adelaide for my sister's 50th birthday.
Only excitement since the last post was a jetty collapse on New Year's Eve - about 10 of us fell about 10 feet into the water which was only a foot or so deep. a few cuts & scrapes, jarred shoulder joints, and (another) broken rib for Mike. All healed up now, and the ruined phone, camera, and a few incidentals have been replaced, albeit wit a small amount of hassle.
Hope to be off in a week or so, & hoping for better internet service in Sabah (Malaysia)
Cheers for now & love to all.