From Waterfall Bay we went past Breaksea Islands into the Port Davey Bay, meeting a significant leftover swell (9 metres 2 days before) but with not much wind.  We motorsailed accross the bay to the northwest before tacking to clear various rocks and islands off the south west point.  From here it was only about 15 miles to the fiirst cape on Tasmania's southern coast, South West Cape. We kept a couple of miles offshore to help avoid the backwash from the cliffs, and then continued our eastward journey, close north of the Matsuyker Islands, around South Cape, South East Cape, and finally around the corner into calm water and Recherche Bay on the east coast at 8.15pm.  There were some big swells but nothing untoward on the journey,and we were goosewinged for everything after South West Cape.  A heavy overcast and intermittent rain squalls added to the gloom of the environment and brought an early dusk at about 4pm, but there was enough visibility to see the dark shape of the last 2 capes.  Lots of sea birds, gannets, petrels, and an inquisitive seal.  Many young mutton birds so bouyant on the water, but diving under if we got too close.

We moved on from Recherche Bay the next day, calm in the lee of the land, with a panorama of inlets and bays and islands opening up before us between Bruny Island and the mainland.  Trees everywhere on land and hills and mountain views as well were the signature impression of Tasmania on the trip around from Port Davey, indeed from Strahan.  One night at Southport, another at Dover, then on to Kettering where we stopped at the marina which was still being constructed.  At last we had some telephone coverage, and a laundry to do some washing.  $75 for the week, but not many other facilities in town and no internet connection for us.  Caught up with Morrie again who generously gave us some more bluefin tuna and some advice on lures for catching them.  We did some walks and a few little boat jobs to amuse ourselves. The marina was full for winter with no guarantee for anything other than casual berthing on the exposed side of the main walkway, and our enquiries with the Hobart yacht clubs also did not look promising for wintering over.  Margie McIntyre offered us a mooring at Cygnet, but as we wanted 240 volt for heater, sewing machine, for some winter chores, we thought we would try our luck in Hobart.

From Kettering ( also Mike's birhtplace in UK) we passed through the narrowing gap between mainland & Bruny, having a calm time of it until we poked our nose into 25 knots coming down the Derwent.  Too much for us so we did a quick u turn and picked up a mooring at Tinderbox Bay.  Set sail early in the morning before the wind got up, and got to Constitution Dock by 10am, Tuesday 11th May.  This also completed my circumnavigation of Tasmania - North coast in 1979 on Expeditus, East coast during Sydney Hobart on Charlies Dream in 2008, and finally the West coast and bottom.

So here we are, snug as a bug with our little 240 volt heater going and in the heart of Hobart.  We have done some more walks and exploring, met some other yachties, and caught up with Adelaidians Ran & Helen who are visiting their grandson here.  Found a chandlery that actually has some good choice of products, so bought a smaller diverter valve and have set it up to create a much neater solution for a holding tank for our loo.

Our plans at this stage seem to be to winter over in Hobart (it is really too late to continue to New Zealand this year), so that will give us some time to do a few more boat jobs, see something of Tasmania, do some winter cruising, and visit family - we fly up to Brisbane tomorrow to do just that.