Hi all sorry long time no action here.
We are now in Tonga, got her on 8th August after 10 day passage from Auckland. Internet access here is a bit awkward, & we haven't been able to get WIFI working yet, so no more photos at this stage.
We had a fairly straightforward trip up from NZ apart from getting a couple of knockdowns in a gale near the Kermadec Islands. No structural damage to the boat, but a lot of bruises to the skipper! Mike was thrown out of the double bed, over the top of the lee cloth that is supposed to hold you in bed - I hit the cabinside opposite then fell down on top of the dinnette table. Lots of bruises but fortunately no broken bones.  Gay only got a couple of small bruises. Charts all out of chart table, tilley lamp jumped out from behind a fiddle & elastic restrains to break on the ceiling, stuuff out from lockers & water onto our switchboards, radio, AIS.  Water in the cabinside locker wetted spotlight, torch, but fortunately caught most of the broken glass from the tilley lamp.  We think that we went over about 120 - 130 degrees from the trajectories & scuff marks on the ceiling.
Mast rigging, solar panel all seem ok, but the canvass dodger over the main hatch was stove in & needs restitching.
Anyway all is now well & we have washed & dried all wet clothes & repaired most things except the dodger. We ended up coming direct to Tongatapu  to lick our wounds instead of heading for Niue as intended.
Planning to leave in a few days & island hop up to Vavau & continue our "rehabilitation".
All for now
Mike & Gay