Hi all, internet seems to be working a bit better today, so a quick update. Just got back into Nieafu, Vavau after a few days cruising around. Had some nice swims over coral, saw a couple of whales, albeit they were about a mile away.
Have remade our rain catching awning, spending about 12 hours to do a really good job.  The following day in about 5 minutes we cut some plugs to block up our scuppers & lo & behold we can catch gallons of water off our entire deck area without the need of the awning.  We siphon water trapped on deck into jerry cans below deck, then into our water tanks.
So that keeps us a bit more independent in areas of poor water quality, or expensive water, or no water available.
have also replaced a fresh water footpump that was leaking, & made a sun awning with drop down sides to - well, keep the sun off us.
Thats about all our news - very brief as I expect internet to drop out at any moment. Hope to head to Samoa on this coming Monday, about a 4 day trip.
Will report more from there, & hopefully have better email / internet service.
Cheers for now & love to all. xxxxxxxxxxx
(Cruising - working on your boat in exotic locations!)