Malaysia 2017
2017 has been a busy year based in Peninsular Malaysia. With the need to leave the country every 90 days for visa reasons we have had little "holidays" to the surrounding countries for our visa runs.....Koh Lipe Thailand, Hat Yai Thailand, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Cambodia, Philippines, and again to Bangkok Thailand.  We set sail for Phuket Thailand but had a gearbox failure for the second time so returned to Telaga Harbour, Langkawi Island to fix that and do some more boat projects.

Our first attempt to add video to our website! Just after our gearbox failed we had to sail 100 miles back to Langkawi, dodging islands and rocks, sometimes with wind and sometimes with almost no wind and strong currents.

Gay had a viral wart of some description burnt from her leg just before leaving the Philippines. The flight to Singapore and lot of walking there, followed by a 12 hour bus journey to Terenganu probably didn't help the healing process. Still not quite right after 12 months.

Gay' new eyes??

Looking at our next yacht at Royal Langkawi yacht Club.  Will have to get a pilot's lisence!

At Sebana Cove Marina, bottom of Malaysian Peninsular.

Heath Robinson repairs....Our navigation lights did not cut off the light cleanly at a112.5 degree angle. We moulded epoxy to improve the design, and it lasted 7 years until we replaced it.  Also bought a green truck light to cut up the lens filter for use when we couldn't find a replacement green LED.

A lot of gloopy mud silting up Straits Quay Marina. Checking our seawater filter, and it is full of mud too!

With our new solid bottom dinghy having to be stored on the foredeck,  it meant rearranging our staysail halyard winch location from in front of the mast to the side of the coachroof. We bought a larger second hand winch which we now use for the mainsail and the old main halyard winch for the staysail. Unable to sell our old halyard winch.

Giant Buddha at Penang's Kek Lok Si Temple.

Straits Quay Marina, Penang, with our new dinghy on the cabintop.

Nice neighbours!

Gay, above the glass ceiling.

Melody, and invisible Keat, beautiful people and orchid retailers, Penang.

Some of the lights at KekLok Si Temple.

3D Art Museum, Hat Yai, Thailand.

Beautiful bird at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

On the river at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Orphaned monkey at Popular Boutique Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Monument at the Killing Fields, Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap statue.

Bayon ruins, Siem Reap area, Cambodia.

Enigmatic stone face.

Little Cambodian kids selling, us always buying.

Angkor Wat


Entrance to another temple.

Masses of carvings.

Aspara dancers.

Some temples are in red brick, not stone.

Faces at Bayon.

Back in the Philippines with the Gervacio family at Tacloban. Sadly Antoniet died a few days before our arrival.

Head massage for Gay from Jayrha Baron.

After 3 or so years in Philippines we finally have a trip to Vanishing Island, off Samal.

Waiting for bankas to get our way to Vanishing Island.

Lovely and Jessica going through the cheapclothes at Ukay Ukay store to find something for Gay and myself....they are VERY good at this!

Don't turn your back on a cat after breaking up a cat fight.

About to get our cataracts removed and new lenses put in, Penang.

Half way there, livin' on a prayer.

Pitcher plants, Rebak Island, Langkawi.

Drinks and nibbles at "the bus stop", Sebana Cove.

Changing the engine oil.

The effect of sunlight on our genoa UV strip. Had it replaced in Langkawi.

We replaced our cigarette lighter socket with a 2 pin connector. Much more durable and sturdy for our 8 amp deck wash pump.

We ferried to Penang to catch up with Rob and Sonia who we had known previously from the Philippines, and others there for the Chinese New Year.

Sonia and Gay.

Low tide mud at Straits Quay Marina.

Walking on air, Komtar Building, Penang.

Green Leaf Monkey, Penang.

Always some events happening at Straits Quay Mall.

Ko Lipe, Thai, on a short visit for a visa run from Malaysia.

Mike rock climbing at the 3D art museum.

Kek Lok Si templelights.

Killing Fields, Cambodia.

The Silver Temple, Phnom Penh. Floor tiles cast from old silver currency.

The tourists finally make it to Angkor Wat.

Golden Temple at Phnom Penh

Many ruined temples around Siem Reap and Ankor Wat.

Still more ruins at Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat.

Tree roots wreaking havoc on the ruins.

Intriguing carved face.

Stone faces at Bayon.

Angkok Wat, just a few kilometres from Siem Reap.

Battle scene.

There are numerous temples in the area.

Aspara dancers.

More carved stone battle scenes..the scale of the temples, structures, and carvings truly is amazing.

Karaoke evening with the Barons, Camudmud, Samal Island.

10 months after his release from Abu Sayaff terrorists, we catch up with Kjartan at Oceanview Marina, Samal Island.

Our living quarters when we visit the Philippines, Lee's 56 ft catamaran, Chakira. Thanks for the acomodation and cooking Lee!  A good haul of crabs for dinner!

The marina at Samal Island, only half a dozen boats in the water now and a few still on the hard. There were about 66 yachts here before Abu Sayaff came and took 4 friends hostage. RIP John and Robert.

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