Motorbike Trip 2013
We purchased a Suzuki Mola 150 cc Motorbike (actually 145cc) and spent almost 3 months traveling through the Philippines. We used ferries small and large to travel between the islands. People would often stop to examine the bike as it was such a big one - 150cc!!!  Most local bikes are a stepthrough design.
Our route from Mindanao through the western Visayas to the northern island of Luzon. We returned to Cagaya De Oro at the top of Mindanao by an overnight ferry from Manila.

The sunken Spanish Cemetery on the west coast of Camiguin - an earthquake lowered the land and it was submerged in the ocean.

A great zipline, over the crater lake about 900 metres, then another 5oo metres back to the restaurant.

Rice dries on the road between Jagna and Tagbilliran on Bohol island.

Tarsier - it's eyes are 150 times relatively larger than a human's!

Yeah we did the plunge - free fall for a couple of seconds, then swing on a giant pendulum across a ravine. Gay 66 at the time so their sign needs updating!! Danao Adventure Park.

The luggage provides a nice backrest, Bohol.

We go Whale Shark watching, 50 metres offshore from Oslob on Cebu Island. The sharks are fed krill in the mornings to encourage them to remain in easy access of the tourists, so they remain year round instead of just passing through as they do in other locations.

Of the 100 photos taken during our swim with the sharks, this was one of the best - a bit disappointing, but nevertheless it was a wonderful experience.

Reading the kindle after whale shark watching - where did my tummy go???

We meet up with architect Ed at his beach house a half hour north of Oslob. A wonderful place, nice food, good company. Ed bought a yacht from yachtie friends at our marina on Samal.

View of the pathway between our sleeping quarters and the main house at Ed's "beach shack". Orchids, lots of plants and birds. Thanks a lot, Ed & Bernadette!

A worker at  our guesthouse near Puerto Carmen - many Philippino's dress up to keep the sun off them, and end up looking like Al Quaida converts.

We catch up with yachties (Gunter) and Claudia at Puero Carmen, north of Cebu City. We had traveled with them through Kosrae, Pohnapei, Lamotrek and Yap.

Roadworks - most roads are concrete. Some new road construction and some roads being broken up and relaid.

The gang plank!

The unloading jetty on Guimaras.

One final plank to negotiate!

Unique church front depicts island scenery.

Eugene, Nino, and Eunica, Antoniet's children.

Curious locals - we only saw 1 other couple cruising around on a motorbike.

Cock goes as deck cargo on the ferry to Luzon.

Mount Arrayat in the distance.

Up into the mountains of Luzon.

Roadside stop for a snack and a chat with locals.

Land slips, common on a lot of mountain roads.

Road near Sagada.

Gay's knee after the accident.

Hanging coffins.

Coffins placed in a cave, near Sagada.

Near Sagada.

Ifugao rice terraces, world heritage area, near Banaue.

Rice terraces.

Monkey skull on the head dress.

Rice terraces.

And more.

The hills around Sagada, Bontoc, and Banaue are wonderful for scooters!

View from our guest house at Banaue.

There are several suspension bridges throughout this area.

Local tribal ladies at Bontoc.

At Subic Bay we meet a local Indian Diego who shows us a waterfall, and various plants to make soap, relieve stomach pains, and keep away dangerous animals.

Sunset from the ferry.

Typical shower / toilet arrangement in the Philippines.

Mike and some fellow travelers.

Room for a few more on this bike.

Room for more on the roof of the bus.

Passenger riding backwards!

We traveled through Tagum City to San Francisco, then over to the coast to Hinatuan River. The water is crystal clear, about 200 foot visibility, and is fed from a sprig about 80 feet deep.

A ferry over to the small island of Camiguin, which has some hot springs, soda springs and lots of volcanoes.

Young girl escorts us around a giant clam reserve on Camiguin Island. There are 16 marine reserves on this small island, generally run through the Barangay system (small local goverment areas). Encouraging to see home grown conservation projects.

A Tuku lizard on the 5th floor hotel window - thank goodness for sucker feet!

A Tarsier on Bohol - this creature inspired Stephen Spielberg's E.T. character.

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

A muddy bridge crossing on Bohol.

Ferry from Bohol to Cebu Island. Note pig under the truck.

We have about a dozen sharks around us - virtually impossible to keep the required 4 metres away from them.

Big mouth to vacuum up the krill.

A waterfall on the southern part of Cebu.

Gay relaxes at Ed's place.

View from the main house - very open plan to let the sea breeze through.

Magellan's cross - the original wood has been encased. Cebu City.

Gay on another ferry.

We load up on the "banka" to travel from Negros to Guimaras.

We show the ferry lads where we have traveled.

Unloading on Guimaras.

We got the head and all with this "native chicken"!

A large array of shelters for fighting cocks.

We go fosicking for semi precious stones on a riverbed near San Jose, Panay, with Antoniet and Maylyn.

Parasailers and sailing canoes on Boracay, a massively overcrowded small tourist island. Dozens of dive shops, restaurants, and thousands of tourists. We were not allowed to take our bike there as it is so congested.

We meet up with Gordon, a friend of yachtie Terry, and he takes us for an ultralight flight at Angeles Flying Club. It was very handy to travel with Terry's GPS as there are precious few signs to identify roads or towns.

Our pilot Gordon used to fly hang gliders, so used his skills to manage to get us over the top of Mount Arrayat. He also knew Gay's hometown of Ipswich very well!

Luzon mountains.

Mountain road. The second sign warns of a sinking road!

Roadworks near Sagada.

We had a slip on the bike between Baguio and Sagada - lost a bit of skin off arm,  wrist, and knees. A couple of ribs broken too. The hole in my arm healed up nicely.
Good thing we rode in long sleeves, long trousers, and shoes, but a leather jacket would have been nice on this occasion!!

Hanging coffins at Sagada.

More hanging coffins, with some bones exposed.

 Cave coffins - the sign requests people not to open or remove things from coffins!.

Rice terraces in the Sagada area.

Rice terraces.

Ifugao tribal people in local costume - hoping for a few pesos from picture taking tourists.

Steep rice terraces.

More rice terraces.

Man in tribal costume.

Young girls collect wildflowers on the roadside.

The suspension bridge at Banaue. Note that buildings may be 1 storey high at the streetfront and 6 stories high only 1 room back from the front!

There are some fabulous carvers throughout this region. A museum in Banaue.

Mountain scenery.

On the ferry from Manila to Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao.

Almost home - the Philippine Eagle carving in the mountains of Mindanao. This is the only place we saw the eagles in the wild.

Some showers had no heads at all, just a pipe from the wall. Then there was this!! Green wire is earth, right?? But they are all green, and the earth is a window grille, 3 stories up the building  a long way from the earth!!

Two boys on a bike, with luggage.

Basket anyone?? On a tricycle.

5 on the bike, 2 have just got off!!.

Danger - high load!!!

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