Motorbike Trip 2015.

Some pictures from Samal Island and some of our motorbike trip from March 2015. Currently (end of May 2015)we are in Puerto Gallera about to continue our trip back to Samal / Davao, having taken a break from travel to holiday with friends from Australia visiting us in Samal.

Joy and Jayrha practice hair braiding on Gay.

On the road and there is drying rice to be aware of. Ever wonder why rice is sometimes a bit "gritty"?

A "work" bike in the provinces.

Sculpture of indigenous tribeswoman at roadside stop, Davao Oriental, on way to Mati.

Our bike loaded up and waiting for the rain to stop.

On the trail to find.......

A bridge in the country behind Bislig, on the way to waterfalls.

Tanuy - An Falls.

Old wooden armour from Ballangay Hotel, Butuan.

Another beast of burden - a horse tows a cart laden with baskets and other goods.

We get a guide to take us to the Natural Arch.

Kayaking up the river to the Natural Arch.

Having a cup of 3 in 1 instant coffe at a sarisari (small store), with a crowd of onlookers. Not many tourists passing through here!

View towards Samar Island from Tacloban.

Typhoon proof?? houses built near Tacloban which was heavily hit by a typhoon last year.

Douglas MacArthur returns in bronze. Did you know his father was fighting AGAINST the Philippinos after USA "inherited" the Philippines following the Spanish American war?

Road hazard, not to mention the bus coming on our side of the road. All in a days work motorcycling in the Phlippines.

Getting towed up the Pagsanjan river.

Manhandling our canoe upstream, Pagsanjan river.

A more challenging rapid and our two paddlers.

Switchback road in Luzon mountains. Local people helped control traffic on this beautiful stretch of road.

View over Puerto Gallera.

Some dubious electrical work for a shower in one of our guest houses.

Philippine monkey eagle, at reserve near Davao.

At the Red Parrot Inn, Samal Island, overlooking Talicud Island.

And are the undisputed "selfie queens" of Samal Island.

And another - they can carry a lot of goods and people.

I love Mati, East coast of Mindanao.

We meet some locals at an appliance storefront. We thought it was a coffee stop, but they made us welcome.

Maragusan, in the mountains between Mati and Tagum.

Local road near Maragusan. A lot of waterfalls around this region.

A Rafelesia - the biggest flower in the world. The bloom only lasts 5 days.

Tanuy - An Falls near Bislig, east coast of Mindanao.

People from this souvenier shop remembered us from our previous motorbike trip 2 years ago, near Hinatuan River, east coast Mindanao.

Pebble Beach, near Surigao, Mindanao.

Carabao are still used extensively in rice fields and for hauling goods in the provinces.

Ferry between Mindanao and Leyte.

Rough track near Basey on Samar Island, looking for the "Natural Arch"

Kids enjoying the river near Basey.

Natural Arch after 30 minutes of fairly hard kayaking against the current. Thank goodness for the local assistance we each had in the kayaks!

Mount Mayon volcano, near Legaspi, southern Luzon.

The waterfall / weir at Villa Escudero. Dining is done on tables in 6 inches of water. There is a fantastic private museum here as well, and a trip in a cart pulled by a carabao with singer and guitar player performing.

Old fort at Pagsanjan river.

Pushing up on of the 13 rapids, this one fairly easy, for us anyway!

A bamboo raft takes us behind he waterfall - the falling water almosts knocks you to the deck.

Selfie at Pagsanjan river. This river featured in the latter part of the movie Appocalypse Now, many years ago.

Manila traffic!

Beautiful home and view at Puerto Gallera.

Copra and charcoal processing on Samal Island.

Gay and Jayrha buying from a local tribal woman, at the Philippine Eagle Reserve.

Eagle, Mike, Sara, James, Gloria, Gay and Jayrha.

Gay and Jayrha with large python at Philippine Eagle Reserve.

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