Tuvalu, lightweight outrigger canoe made from aluminium roof sheeting. These 1 man canoes were often seen sailing inside the lagoon. 

 Wallis Island - large outrigger sailing canoe within the lagoon.

Kiribati, Tarawa Lagoon. Dancing girls the day after Xmas.

More Dancing girls.

 And more.

 Teaote, our Tarawa tour guide and friend, with our dinghy guardian.

One of the bruises from being tossed out of bed and onto the ceiling, in the knockdown near the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand to Tonga.

 Tuvalu, inside edge of the lagoon. Generally a rocky beach. The island is very narrow between the lagoon & seaward reef.

Kirribati - Expeditus anchored in the Tarawa lagoon off Bariki Island. The extensive reef flats claimed a shear pin on our outboard motor propellor. Locals scoured the reef for shellfish, octopus & fish. 

Tarawa - the girls wear "glitter" consisting of fine flat sand dics from coral sand. 

And more.

Some of the young men dancing. 

Teaote's cousin dances to rap music Kiribati style.


Green Lipped Mussels, a gift from some divers on Stewart Island, New Zealand.   We were also given some blue cod, yummy.

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