Philippines 2013

The new year starts with a firework display at Camp Holiday Resort, also owned by Holiday Oceanview Marina
The year starts with a firework display at Camp Holiday Resort, a sister company of Holiday Oceanview Marina.

View of the Marina, a lot more boats than when we arrived, but not too crowded.

Our fearless leader ELLEN at our Friday night BBQ and pot luck dinner. RIP, sadly Ellen suffered an anneurism and passed away after being in a comma for a couple of months.

Ellen's brother Boboy at the unveiling of the painting.Owner of the Marina, Camp Holiday Resort, Holiday Taxi Company, Holiday Spa, the vehicle ferry service, Linmar Towers condominiums, etc. etc....... He is a very nice person too!

Many couples come to the marina to have their prenuptial photos taken on the water, and later in the mountains, in the air etc. We often let them come on the boat for some of the photos.

"Can I see underwear through that dress?" says Miming!

Sunset at the marina.

Kids love the Jollibee fast food joint and it's mascot. We love it too for a quick snack!

Also near Kaputian is a dugong - note the cowskin repair to the underside! We have seen a couple of Dugong in the water there - the area is a reserve.

We spot the albino bat!!

Departing Samal for Indonesia, 2012.

Xmas decorations, made from straws!

The instrument bezel broke and we had a new one made in white plastic.

This bracket holds the tiller pilot which can then drive the windvane in calm weather - very efficient.

We made a sunshade that covers the cockpit and main hatch.

We made a new one out of fibreglass, same as we did the lever a while ago.

We had new engine mount bases cast in aluminium, some components made in stainless steel, and the resilient plastic made in a heavier grade plastic.

We load up with provisions.

In a basket.

Trying to catch the dolphin.

Taking it easy in the galley.

We enjoy watching the sink.

Hey let's go for a ride!

Helping to write the diary.

Hmmmm - we don't quite fit in this basket like we used to.

We see our first close up dog, with Keith and Zara.

Pirate and wench at Zara and Keith's bar.

Another party!

Some young marchers at he Kadayawan parade.

More tiny tots.

Lots of marching bands and floats for Kadayawan.

Tribal marchers for the street parade.

Kadayawan Festival - the durian fruit rates big in Davao.

Lechon Baboy - spit roasted pig for the fiesta.

Kids run for a handful of sweets.

The trainer and his cock. Note sweat towel behind neck, a very Philippino thing.

The cocks spar with their protective gloves on - not for too long so that they don't get too stressed.

Fireworks are permitted on Samal Island, but not in Davao City.

Grass grows quickly on the Marina hillside. A worker cuts it back with a "panga"

 Local couple Donald and Carole help prepare food for the unveiling of a painting of Ellen, funded by donations from some friends and yachties from the Marina,

We held our 42nd wedding anniversary at Swiss restauranteur Alphonso's "Bahay Kubo" ((little house) We quite often go there for a Sunday lunch as well.

Our cat Miming, and the bride  to be at the forehatch.

We are treated to an "Harrana" prior to the Sail Derawan Yacht Rally to Indonesia, even though we didn't go this year. We also won 4 crates of beer, some vouchers for Holiday spa, and a night in a 5 star hotel as part of the pre rally games!!! Thanks lots sponsors!!

Yachtie Trish inspects bonsai display at the SM Mall, Lanang, Davao. Gay went to Porto Gallera with Trish to help her house hunt.

The biggest banyan tree on Samal Island at Kaputian.

The Monfort bat cave is only a few kilometers from the marina - biggest colony of that particular bat in the world.

We made it into the newspaper last year!

Xmas decorations, made from water bottles.

We inspect a quail farm - Donald and Carole have just started production of quail eggs.
Window spindles were plastic and the screws stripped out the threads. We had new ones made in stainless steel.

A rain cover over the forehatch, keeps the rain out and lets breeze in.

The engine control unit for gear and throttle levers corroded out after 35 years or so.

Good one VOLVO - the alternator hits the mounting bolt as the belt is tightened - had to trim down the bolt height.

We spent a long time polishing the hull to a mirror finish - 4 months later it was back to normal!! Don't think we will bother again.

Miming as a kitten, born 6th July 2013

On the table.

We can't fit into this space anymore now!

We watch t.v.

And making sure I top up the batteries correctly.

Caught stealing some of Gay's soft sculptures / soft toys.

Filling the jerry cans with rain water.

A cosy nook above the sail locker.

Pirate party with Zara & Keefy.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee - I worked with Mr. Lee in Saudi Arabia 32 years ago. I talked about yachting and he went back to Korea and built a yacht, probably one of the first Koreans to go yachting!! Sadly seem to have been lost at sea a couple years after this photo

And another!

Young cadet boys marching.

And more, soooooo cute.

More marchers - it is a long parade.

Float in the street parade.

In mud on the way to a fiesta.

We seem to attract a bit of attention.

Friend Jan from Talaguton, with breakfast.

Boxing gloves fitted over the spurs for a training bout.

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