Philippines 2015.
2015 was  a good year with a motorbike trip through the east coast of Mindanao, up through Leyte, Samar and the long leg of Luzon as far as Subic Bay, and  returning through the western Visayas Islands. The trip was broken half way through to join James, Sara, and Gloria visiting from Adelaide to Samal. We joined Lee on the 56 ft catamaran Chakira to sail from Manila to Cebu. Sadly our marina was attacked by terrorists on the evening of the day we flew to Manila and Abu Sayaff took 4 of our friends hostage. We ferried and bused to visit friends in Biliran, and bused and ferried back to Samal Island.  We did some boat projects, installing 240 volt outlets, and made a new exhaust box in fibreglass. Quite a few birthday parties and karaoke sessions at Tambayan restaurant, and finally set sail on 10th December to Kudat in Borneo where we slipped the boat to antifoul, and also replaced our engine mounts which have now failed 2 times at 700 hours use.
Expeditus at Holiday Oceanview Marina, Samal Island (Near Davao, Mindanao) as viewed from the motorboat B2.

Jayrha, Chrystell, and Carmella escort us home after a karaoke night at Tambayan restaurant in advance of Mike's birthday.

Captain Chris guides B2 out of the berth, watched by Gay, Jonathon, JR and Glien.

Jayrha sings a song to "Daddy" Mike.

Karaoke night, Rechie, Joy, Glien, and Carmella.

Food for Karaoke and Mike's birthday party.

Selfie of President Aquino's visit, Glien in background.

Looks like Glien enjoys sailing.

Dinner on board the 56 foot catamaran Chakira.

Gay attends parents day for Jayrha with Jessica, Chrystell, Lynette, Jayrha and Carmella.

"Mummy Gay" with Eunica in Biliran.

Making a new exhaust box in epoxy glass.

Internal detail of "lift" pipe in exhaust box.

The finished exhaust box is bigger than our old one but fits neater up against the hull and quarter berth, giving better access to our stern gland / stuffing box.

Lunch at Bahay Kubo with Rob, Terry, Chef Alphonse and Rose.

A farewell dinner with Marina owner Boboy and wife Gene, with Dominique and Bill, Gay and Mike.

Iming, Luc, Will, Laurenzo, and JR help see us off. The marina had grown from 3 yachts when we arrived to about 66 when we left.

On the hard at Penuwasa boatyard after a 7 day sail from Samal to Kudat. Antifouling and a few minor repairs from sitting on a reef last year.
Failed engine mount.

We purchase automotive engine mounts and cut and shape it for our replacement mounts rather than risk Polyflex for a third time. We will see how our home made mounts perform!!!

Our newly made mounts.

Lifting the engine with 5 to 1 tackle from our mainsheet, and leading to cockpit winch for Gay to do the winching up and down.

Kurt leads our marina ladies dancing at New Years Eve party at Marina Jetty, Kudat.
Our regular Sunday visitors, Chrystell, Jayrha, and Carmella often visited to watch movies, cook, wash up, braid Gay's hair, and wipe our sweat when we were working.

Our Sunday girls score a job scrubbing the bottom of B2.

Another big vessel, the banka South Sea Nomads, departs the marina. They spent many years diving throughout Indonesia after having had the boat built in Leyte.

Karaoke at Tambayan restaurant with Rechie, Jessica, Glien, Devie, and Gay.

Iming and Mike do a duet, Sweet Child of Mine!

President Aquino visited the marina to open the new circumferential road being constructed around Samal Island.

Army man carries bottled water to his lookout tower at the marina. Permanent army presence at the marina now following the Abu Sayaff raid in which 4 of our friends were taken hostage. They are now on Jolo island in the Sulu Archipeligo. a renowned prate / terrorist location. Sadly John and Robert were beheaded by Abu Sayaff because the ransom raised was "only" about $1.4 million... not enough to save your life from these extremists.

Sailing with our friends off Samal.

Keefie, Niven and Hazel at the opening of Zara's "Facefood" restaurant.

Miming having a rest.

One of a few motorbike incidents!

Lunch with Leslie, Lovely, Richard, Lee, Jonathon.Always entertaining.

Exhaust box body. Once internal work was completed, the end piece was epoxied on and more layers of epoxy glass were added to the whole thing.

Exhaust box ready to install.

One of 3 electrical outlets we installed.

Farewell to Lee and Hwan from Korea. Mike worked with Mr. Lee in Saudi in 1981 - 1984 and inspired Lee to build a yacht back in Korea. We think they are the first Koreans to build a yacht and go sailing offshore!

A sad farewell to our Samal friends after being in the Philippines ( with time out motorbiking and sailing to Indonesia and Borneo) for 3.5 years.

Party party at the marina in Kudat with the girls from Hars Kitchen, and also Glenda (Venezuelan from Helena), Rebecca USA from Brickhouse), and Henrica.
Polyflex engine mount material fails a second time 700 hours after being replaced under warranty. Our old mounts lasted 28 years.

Failed mounts.

Shaping rubber mounts with our Arlec / Dremel.

Engine supported on wooden bearers while engine mounts are being replaced.
1 sweaty man and mission complete - the engine rests on its new mounts and has been aligned to the shaft. Thank goodness we have good access to and around the motor.

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