S E ASIA 2016
We departed the Philippines late in December 2015 and spent 2016 traveling to Sabah, Labuan,  Brunei, and Sarawak in Borneo, and then both sides of Peninsular Malaysia. We were fortunate to find a fellow cat lovers Bryan and Glee on Gleewynd and they looked after Miming while we did some land travel through Thailand and Laos, We also squeezed in a short trip back to visit friends in the Philippines.  We reciprocated looking after their cat while they spent a few weeks back in Australia.
A sad remembrance this year is the killing of 2 friends taken by Abu Sayaff terrorists from the marina on Samal Island in 2015. Sadly John and Robert were beheaded when Abu Sayaf did not accept over a million dollars raised by each family. Fortunately Tess was released, and later Kjartan after almost a year in captivity. And just recently another attack was made on  German acquaintances Jurgen and Sabine who we shared Xmas dinner with at Kudat at the end of 2015. Sabine was shot and killed, and Jurgen is still in captivity (Postscript..he was beheaded after 3 months). Many other commercial vessels have also been attacked, and there have also been kidnappings from Sandakan in Sabah, Malaysia. Unfortunately sailing over the north coast of Borneo is now only done with a Naval escort from Malaysia.
We made a mistake in leaving our dinghy on a hot beach on Tiga island, and this resulted in the chambers popping, and some seams failing. Attempts to reglue were not very successful so we did most of our Peninsular Malaysia cruising with Bryan and Glee providing dinghy ferrying services. We replaced the dinghy in Port Klang with a 2.5 metre RIB.
Our cruise from Sebana Cove to Terangganu area on the east coast of Malaysia was generally day hops and only one overnight sail. It took in Tioman Island where a lot of the film South Pacific was made, as well as Kapas Island.  Bryan's uncle Roy and cousin Kerry joined them on Gleewynd and we sailed in company to Redang and Perhentian islands out from Terengganu...This was quite a paradise.. clear water, corals, giant clams, fish, turtles....very hard to beat this area.
We continued in company with Gleewynd and Scott Free 2 for the journey from Sebana Cove, around the bottom of Singapore and up the west coast of Malaysia.
December 2016 sees us in Langkawi Islands for Xmas and New Year.
Sailing down the Borneo coast. Modest trade winds ans a few squalls.

A wet day in Kuching marina. Strong currents, large tide range, lots of floating debris getting caught on the yachts.  Only enter the marina at slack water!

An Orangutan at a reserve near Kuching.

Feeding time for semi wild orangutans.

Indigenous tribesman making decorative wood spindle.

We got a fast ferry from Kuching to Sibu.....up many miles of river, for a 2 day visit.

From Kuching we sailed across to Peninsular Malaysia to Sebana Cove Resort...very nice facilities freely available to yachties in their marina.

Bussing from Kanchanaburri to Chang Mai, Thailand.

Elephant feeding out from Chang Mai, northern Thailand.

A kiss from 10 year old Jenny.

A shower after the elephant ride, and a wash for Jenny.

The White Temple on the way from Chang Mai to Huay Xai.

One of these boats will take us on a 2  day trip down the Mekong River from Huay Xai to Pak Beng and then on to  Luang Prabang in Laos.

On the way across Laos from Luang Prabang to Vieng Xai. The north of Laos is very mountainous.

The Plain of Jars at  Phonsavan...hundreds of these huge carved stone jars... their purpose is not fully known.

Plain of Jars, Laos.

Gay Ziplining through the canopy at Vang Vieng, Laos.

Bridge over the river at Vang Vieng.

Nice to paddle with a following current, Vang  Vieng river.!

Rugged mountains of Laos.

Sand carving at Vientianne, Laos, left over from an international competition.

Out walking with friends, Gervacio family, Biliran, Philippines.

Our friends, the Baron family, Samal Island.

Diving with turtles, Redang Island.

Diving with turtle, Redang Island, East Malaysia.

Perhentian Islands, East Malaysia. Expeditus at anchor.

Nice coral and giant clams, Perhentian Islands.

Baby turtle, Redang Island.

We celebrated Gay's birthday on Tioman Island, courtesy of Phil and Donna. What a lovely place overlooking Juara bay.

Some wonderful roof detail in World Heritage Listed old town Mallacca.

Penang, off the west coast of Malaysia.

More street art, this time in Georgetown, Penang.

Lots of oil industry ships at anchor off Labuan.  The AIS needs to filter out stationary targets to avoid continuous alarm signals from so many ships.

Some very creative street art in Kuching.

Orangutans .. never tire of seeing them.

Blow gun at indigenous centre, Santubong River.

Hairy nosed pig.

With our Irish friends, Kym and Sharon.... we kept bumping into them.

On our land journey we visited the Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Strolling along on Jenny.

Jenny decided to do her own thing and go bush bashing...maybe I forgot the correct words to turn left or right.

Thai cooking class at Chang Mai...we enjoyed this a lot.

Lunch alongside the river at Luang Prabang.

Loom woven sarong direct from the maker in Laos.

Plain of Jars, Laos.

Left over bombs from the undeclared war on Laos...USA dropped more bombs on Laos than was used in the entire second world war. Lives are still lost today from unexploded ordinance.

Young Hill Tribe girl, Laos.

Rice planting, Laos.

Fishing boat with traps, heading back into Terengganu, Easern Malaysia.

Samal Island / Davao friend Zara.

Inglesia Ni Christo...many of these churches all over the Philippines. This one on Samal Island.

Feed me I'm hungry!

Redang Island turtle.

Waterfront Mosque, Perhentian Islands.

Taking a stroll on Kapas Islad, with Bryan and Glee, Des and Marylin.

Young monkeys on our walk across Redang Island.

Getting a tow out of the river at Muar.... Our cooling water hose got blocked by a broken zinc anode...we persuaded Scott Free 2 to give us a tow towards our destination on a calm sea while we fixed the problem. Thanks for the help Alan and Bernie!!

Passing under one of the two bridges linking Penang Island to the mainland.

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